My heart,

has always loved service. I built a million dollar business when I worked for Louis Vuitton, assisted top Designers, Athletes and many elite during my time in Luxury Retail and the Interior Design Industry. Nurtured existing and grew clientele at Micky's Jewelry Studio all with one thought in mind. Make a connection. 

The Hēling is just that,

a place to connect. The Hēling is an "immersive boutique", a vibe, a community. Yes, we will have fabulous clothing, fun accessories, all the gifts you need but we also want you to experience a community that WE will build together. I truly believe that if we aren't actively working on Hēling (physically, emotionally, spiritually) we are ceasing to live our best life. Hēling can come in all forms and can be as simple as acknowledging pain, retail therapy, a sweet card that speaks volumes, a tender moment spent in meditation, a candle that offers peace.

So, find what makes your soul, body, spirit heal and rejoice at The Hēling.


Campus Times

Local boutique creates good vibes through fashion.

The Hēling, an immersive boutique where the vibe brings the community together, emanates positive energy where one can always find a boho chic gift or something for yourself, owner Krista Chakmak said. 

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